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Published on January 13th, 2014 | by Tarzan and Jane


American Hustle Retro

Tarzan and Jane here, from the middle of the Pacific.  As we watched trailers for American Hustle, we initially were lukewarm about seeing the film.  The more we saw the trailer, the more intrigued we became, so opening weekend, we journeyed to the jungle cineplex to watch this film.
Tarzan says . . .This movie was like a throwback Thursday into the 1970’s  except that instead of seeing your friends in their younger days on Instagram, you watched Christian Bale as some version of a distant Uncle.  His comb-over and potbelly were classic.  The dialogue was great and there were some great lines that you didn’t see coming which made it all the better.  It was legit.  Amy Adams is the bomb.  9 of 10 vines.
Jane says… I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this movie. I knew that I liked the cast and I loved Silver Linings Playbook which was also directed by David O. Russell. I expected something dark. What I got was actually an interesting story based on true events that called into question the notions of good guys and bad guys and human motivation. The idea that people, idealist, realist, pragmatic, or phlegmatic have the choice played true to form in this drama with light hearted moments.  A deeper look at human beings, I found myself routing for the underdogs played by Christian Bale and Amy Adams and those who were initially victims were locked up on their own personal mythologies that imprisoned their sensibilities. As I left the theater, I realized that the story I’d just gotten lost in wasn’t wholly dark, but had a tender silver lining to brighten what could have been a very heavy narrative. I think this film has the potential to make it into the Oscar race and won’t be surprised to see it there. 9 of 10 vines.

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