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Published on February 17th, 2015 | by Tarzan and Jane


Fifty Shades . . .For Dudes Too

Tarzan here, from the middle of the Pacific.  The guys and I decided to leave our respective tree houses for a guys night out to see . . .Fifty Shades of Gray.  Yes, you read that correctly: Fifty Shades of Gray.  Allow me to set the scene: Busy cineplex crowded with women excited to see their favorite erotic novel come to life, and the only group of  men in the theater was us.  Let me tell you, watching the women at the movies was worth the price of admission.


When I agreed to watch the movie, I was under the impression that it would be non-stop sex (I was interested to see how that was bound to happen with an “R” rating); I mean, I’d never read the book and have no intention to read it, but I’d certainly heard about it (believe me, Jane has ranted about her irritation for this book and was quite mad I went to see this movie, for more on that later, check out her SIDE NOTE).  Curiosity got the best of me, but the movie wasn’t the porno that I led to believe I was going to see.  Instead, it just a movie about a girl who likes a rich dude who ends up falling for her with a bit more feathers, skin brushing and sighing sex. The movie wasn’t as entertaining as much as the women in the audience responding to the movie with cheers and catcalls; we knew we were in for a night when the Magic Mike 2 trailer previewed and the women went crazy.  It was comical and I found myself stifling laughter because of the dirty looks I got from the women around me. The movie wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. I actually enjoyed the movie especially the banter between the two main characters.  It was entertaining. . . 7 vines.

SIDE NOTE by Jane . . .This idea of this movie makes me mad (and keep in mind I haven’t seen it and don’t intend to so my opinion is just that – an opinion).  It isn’t just the movie but the whole fan fiction to best-selling author to movie phenomenon that has me annoyed.  I know I sound super petty and I will acknowledge the truth in that.  As a writer, working so hard at craft, I should be happy for the success of E.L. James, and I do like a great success story.  I tried to read the story . . .but couldn’t do it; It was so poorly written with no attention to craft at all and there are some amazingly talented writers out there.  I apologize to James who doesn’t deserve my censure and who I don’t know as a human so this isn’t a comment to her character; my petty disparagement of this story is really the disappointment I feel at the public so willing to dish out their money for something so lacking either unwilling or unable to reward those who’s work transcends the lowest common denominator of entertainment, and the brass so willing to exploit it all in the name of a dollar.  So I’m taking a personal stand and won’t be spending my money to see this movie.

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