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Published on February 21st, 2016 | by Tarzan and Jane


For Shame Oscars: Concussion

Tarzan and Jane here, from the middle of the Pacific, and while we are aware of issues relating to politics and pop culture, we aren’t overly driven to provide commentary. We’ll leave that to more talented and qualified reviewers, and our goals are to provide a regular, average couple’s assessment on movies and such.  However, after watching Concussion, starring Will Smith, it was important to comment on the glaring absence of this movie from the Oscar Nominations for Best Movie, for Best Actor in Will Smith, and for best Supporting Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw. For shame, this movie was overlooked, as it is one of our best of the year.


Tarzan: This movie was straight up legit. As a football guy, player and coach, I was drawn to this story. It connected with real life situations of icons I grew up watching, illuminating the story behind their tragedies. It was fascinating content portrayed in an interesting way. A must watch and one of my top three of the year. 10 Vines.

Jane: I walked into Concussion with the voices of the media and the claim this was a propaganda piece echoing in my head. I wasn’t into the narrative five minutes and I was hooked, the voices dropping away and the story taking beautiful shape. This movie was wonderful! Wonderful. The script was deftly written. The acting was superb, and the story was powerful and timely. With that said, I am absolutely stunned that this movie was shunned by the Oscars. It’s a shame. I highly recommend this movie. I give this movie 10 Vines.

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