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Published on May 18th, 2014 | by Tarzan and Jane


Godzilla: Beast Mode Reptilian Status

Tarzan and Jane here from the middle of the Pacific.  Godzilla has been on our radar since the teaser preview surfaced.  Having been so disappointed in the 1998 version of the reptilian character, we were so excited to see another film being made to erase the horror of that 1998 monstrosity from our minds.


Tarzan says . . . Godzilla was majorly legit.  The “monster” was a straight-up bad-ass.  It was excellent the way that the director and editor teased the audience with the character’s appearance with glimpses of its back or its foot; it kept the tension looming.  Additionally, the scoring of this movie was incredible adding to the intensity.  The story buildup to the climactic seen was perfectly executed. While Godzilla didn’t have a lot of screen time, the anticipation of waiting to see it made it all the sweeter.  Honolulu, Las Vegas and San Francisco will never be the same. 10 of 10 Vines.

Jane says . . . I remember sitting in the living room on a Saturday afternoon while my father flipped through the channels of the TV and often settled on an English dubbed version of Godzilla.  The rubbery suited man stomping over buildings and locking up with other monsters captivated me.  When I caught teasing glimpses of what the rebooted version of Godzilla was to look like, I had hope that I would be transported into nostalgic whispers of those cozy Saturday afternoons with my dad.  While there seems to be some controversy surrounding the monster’s shape, I confess that I loved it. From a purist’s point of view, and one of the reasons the 1998 adaptation was so terrible, was the way Godzilla failed to look like “Godzilla.”  In this new movie, the monster has returned, and while the shape hints at a bygone era when a man once wore a costume, this version is stealthier, stronger, and brutish.  I couldn’t help but route for it, cheering aloud as the monsters (yes, there are multiple) lock up in their city-destroying version of a wrestling match.  To add to the magic, the director seemed to purposefully cast unknown characters.  Top-billed actors, like Brian Cranston, Ken Watanabe, and Juliette Binoche add credibility to the movie, but it is built around the relatively unknown talents of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen (who is VERY good).  This bold move developed a story around characters who could seem as though they were your next door neighbors; the very unfamiliarity of them gave credence to a story that could have “just happened” to anyone making it feel all the more realistic.  All in all, I am so happy with this effort, cheered and clapped and would love to watch it again.  It is a movie theater movie!  10 of 10 Vines.

Tarzan Jr says . . .that this movie is one of my favorite movies of all time.  It was realistic and the fighting was awesome.  I asked my mom if it was better than Pacific Rim because that was one of my favorite movies too.  I agreed with her when she said Godzilla because it was true.  Godzilla is way better than the Kaiju.  10 of 10 Vines.

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