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Published on June 23rd, 2015 | by Tarzan and Jane


Inside Out – 10 Vine Sweep

Tarzan and Jane here, from the middle of the Pacific.  Animated features have usually been a mixed bag for us but one studio hasn’t ever disappointed: Pixar.  The studio has done an amazing job of capturing imagination and more importantly of developing and creating deftly told stories. The trailers for Pixar’s Inside Out for all intents and purposes hinted that the studio wasn’t about to start disappointing, but until we were able to watch the full feature, the jury would remain out.  Opening weekend had the whole family excited.



Tarzan says . . . This movie was badass.  It was super creative and funny with a lot of heart; it even made me get a lump in my throat.  It might be one of the best animation movies I have seen, and I would say it has broken into the top five for sure.  It was legitimately a great movie and I would suggest seeing it on the big screen if you can.  10 vines

Jane says . . . I walked into the theater worried about the hype.  Why worried? I was afraid that the movie wouldn’t stand up to the acclaim and I would leave the theater with unmet expectations.  I can honestly say that Inside Out met my expectations for the Pixar Perfection of its usual winning combination of excellence in storytelling, character development and imagination. However, something I didn’t expect happened:  Pixar raised the bar by creating a deeper, smarter animated feature, one that touched the heart of the child in all of us, but left the actual children behind when it delved into a more grown-up look at what it means to age.  The reality is that children will love it because it’s animated, it’s clever, goofy and fun; but it does stray into the darkness of some older themes that ask us to look at our emotional make-up. Much like Disney Studio did with Big Hero 6 and its look at death, grief and loss, Inside Out takes an unabashed look at the complexity of what it means to be human and what it means when we cross thresholds between childhood and adolescence as well as the emotional changes connected with those milestones.  In all honesty, I’m not sure that the younger crowd will understand the nuances of the darker themes in this story; some parts of it may even push boundaries that might seem confusing or scary and somethings might definitely produce curiosity.  I unabashedly cried and am not ashamed to say so (my family would insist that crying isn’t surprising for me, in truth) because of the beauty of this story and I won’t be surprised when we see this on the Oscar ballot.  10 vines


Jane Jr. says . . .  I think this was an AMAZING movie!  I loved it so much.  I can’t remember laughing so hard at a movie in a very long time (and I’ll be honest, I’m not as avid a movie goer as my parents, *cue eye-roll).  One thing that I look for whether I am reading a book or watching a movie is its ability to transport me away into the world where I am able to immerse myself in the story to live it with the characters.  Inside Out did that for me.  I will watch it again and again.  10 vines.

Tarzan Jr. says . . . I think this was a hilarious movie.  For example, when Joy and Sadness have to travel through imagination land, they are faced with many humorous situations that made me laugh.  This has to be my favorite Pixar movie and I would recommend everyone going to see this at the movies.  10 vines

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