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Published on January 12th, 2014 | by Tarzan and Jane


Lone Survivor: Rapt with Intensity

Tarzan and Jane here, from the middle of the Pacific.  A Saturday night date to watch Lone Survivor starting Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsh and Ben Foster.  We knew we weren’t walking into a feel good flick, but had heard from a few friends and family members that we needed to watch it.  Given that it is directed by Peter Berg (and we are huge fans) we knew we had to give the movie a go.




Tarzan says . . . this movie is super intense and is BIG TIME legit.  It reminded me of Black Hawk Down only better.  There was a little bit of every emotion in this movie.  The cast is top notch.  I think this is definitely an Oscar contender.  The acting by Taylor Kitsch and Mark Wahlberg was excellent. The only drawback for me was the title of the film, which I think could have been less “in your face.” 10 of 10 vines

Jane says . . . I didn’t have much expectation wrapped up into this film.  About thirty minutes in, I could feel my palms begin to sweat and my heart rate spike with nervousness. The intensity of the action was visceral, and that made it very real in my mind which contributed to my physical response. That’s thing with good story telling: the audience knows what’s coming, and still the intensity and the predictable outcome have the ability to grab hold of your gut and tug hard at your heart.   It wasn’t an easy film to watch.  It was painful knowing that young men experienced something similar to the narrative the audience witnessed, lost their lives in a foreign war, and left behind loved ones.  The weight of sacrifice is heavy which I think shows excellent responsibility in the storytelling.  While it was a hard story to watch, I am glad that I had the opportunity to see it.  {SPOILER} There is redemption in the face of such brutality when Afghani villagers took an American soldier into their care and defended him with their lives until he could be saved.  This alone elevated the story beyond just the war film into a story about brotherhood and the human condition.  This is a story that needed to be told.  10 of 10 vines.

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