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Published on February 15th, 2016 | by Tarzan and Jane


Male Movie Crew: Deadpool

Jane here, from the middle of the Pacific and I decided to try a different format to our usual movie review.  First, a bit of background information:  For the last five years, Tarzan and his friends created the unofficial Male Movie Crew.  Once a week these men meet to watch a movie.  Sometimes they brave a new release, but more often than not, they watch the “guys guy” movie that none of their wives want to see.  The movie they watched this week: Deadpool.  With that said, it dawned on me that we miss a lot of reviews because Tarzan watches them and I don’t which leaves the review unwritten.  So let’s go, Jungle Goers, here’s our first attempt at the “interview.”


Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds is the latest Marvel fodder released on the big screen, but instead of walking the line as the resident Mr. All- American, Captain America, Deadpool is the anti-hero.  For you wrestling fans, think John Cena versus Stone Cold Steve Austin.  This movie has been highly anticipated by comic fans, and though Tarzan isn’t necessarily a comic book enthusiast, he does love a fun and entertaining movie.  If you’re looking for an average Joe’s perspective about this movie, then look no further.

Jane:  Give us a sense of why the MMC decided to see Deadpool on opening night as opposed to waiting until after the chaos and crowds?

Tarzan: First, it’s a Marvel.  Second, it looked cool.

J: Given you aren’t a comic book fan, what were your initial thoughts walking into the theater prior to seeing the film?

T: It was an R-rated movie, so I knew it was probable going to be good. I’d seen the previews which showed comedy and action, which is my deal.

J: So what did you think?

T: The movie was legit!  It surpassed all of my expectations which were that it would be funny and action-packed.  It turned out it be hilarious with a lot of adult humor that pushed boundaries and was extremely entertaining.  Given that I don’t have many boundaries to cross, this movie fit the bill perfectly.  I’m calling it the king of “one liners.”  Ryan Reynolds returned to his Van Wilder roots with this performance; I felt like I was watching that 2002 fresh comic dressed in super-hero garb.  I didn’t stop laughing throughout the entire two hours, but not because it was silly.  It was perfect.

J: Would you recommend this movie to me, your wife?

T: Yeah.

J: Why?

T: Because it was legit, but you might be offended.

J: So it isn’t for kids?

T: No.  No way.

J: Vines?

T: 9 Vines.

Turns out, Tarzan wasn’t the only one who wanted to see this movie.  As of this posting, three days since Tarzan watched the movie, Deadpool has grossed $135Million dollars for opening weekend.

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