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Published on January 12th, 2014 | by Tarzan and Jane


Saving Mr. Banks is Gold

Jane and Jane Jr. here, from the middle of the Pacific.  For a girls day out, we decided to take in the quiet movie called Saving Mr. Banks about which we knew very little.  The one thing that captured our interest was that it had to do with Walt Disney, and anything Disney in our household is pretty much gold.


Saving Mr. Banks Trailer

Jane says . . .I walked into this movie with very few expectations. The three that I had revolved around the premise of Disney, Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. That equation, I figure, was certain to equal an excellent movie. It worked. I love Tom Hanks! His work is exceptional from Captain Phillips earlier this year to his portrayal of the iconic Walt Disney, he never fails to capture the audience and bring truth to the characters he constructs. Emma Thompson is equally adept. Her ability to develop characters is to realistic portrayals of three dimensional human beings is unparalleled and I find it a joy to observe her craft. These two masters, Emma Thompson more so in this film due to her amount if screen time, built a fantastic portrayal of a story and drew me in and grabbed hold of my heart. With a wonderful supporting cast, this movie was excellent. The director – made interesting narrative decisions that built the story in a nonlinear fashion. I liked it, though it might take some viewers a bit more work to connect the dots. This movie was wonderful and if the story isn’t up for an Oscar, I am positive that Emma Thompson will be. 10 of 10 stars.

Jane Jr. says . . . I liked it.  It made me cry though it took some time to understand it because it was a little slow.  I walked into the movie without any expectations, but when I watched it, I enjoyed it.  I hope it gets an Oscar nod.  8.5 of 10 vines.

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