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The Heat has “Cool Factor”

Tarzan and Jane here, from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  We decided to leave the tree house to the juniors in order to go on a date.  Based on the recommendation of a friend, we watched The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock .

Tarzan says . . .The Heat is funny and has a cool factor that pushed it higher in my book. Melissa McCarthy is hella funny and is the Money Maker.  Sandra  Bullock is as she always is and showed some great comedic timing and deadpan action.  I liked the movie though it isn’t in my top, I was entertained.  I give it a 7 of 10 vines.

Jane says . . .I was pleasantly surprised by The Heat.  It was formulaic and followed what I presume are the “rules” of movie making, but what made it mostly enjoyable was the comedic connection between Bullock and McCarthy.  Their female relationship was poignant and brought depth to the movie and their comedic partnership was fun. Most importantly, Melissa McCarthy’s one liners took the movie from predictable to pleasurable.  Her wit is hilarious and made the movie for me.   The movie also had a “retro feel” which provided the feeling of nostalgia, so I am willing to forgive the formulaic lack of creativity and reach really deep to say that it was intended.  I give it 7 of 10 vines.

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