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Published on January 5th, 2014 | by Tarzan and Jane


To See or Not to See Anchorman 2

Tarzan and Jane here, from the middle of the Pacific, and it isn’t much of a surprise that we were as caught up in the hype of the continuation of the Legend of Ron Burgundy as our neighbors in the next treehouse over.  Probably like the average couple, Tarzan was far more excited for the second helping of Ron and Crew even going so far as to rewatch the first movie several times before the second was released.


Tarzan says . . .This second installment is super funny Ron Burgundy action.  If you are familiar with the 1990’s MTV hilarity of Beevis and Butthead, I couldn’t stop laughing at  Ron Burgundy’s Butthead-like responses to situations. He always seems on the cusp of really getting it but is just a day late and a dollar short. The culminating fight scene between the news groups filled with star cameos was bomb. There was a weird tangent midway through that seemed more like a filler but Will Farrell is a master at the tangent. Having seen it three times in the theater, I recommend it. Bros will love this movie. 7 of 10 vines.

Jane says . . . I have to admit that I have never been a big Will Farrell fan. The humor of the first Anchorman was lost on me, but just like with Saturday Night Live, the more I watched it and talked about it with friends the funnier it became.  The same holds true for other Will Farrell fare like Step Brothers, Blades of Glory or Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  I didn’t have grandiose expectations for Anchorman 2, but I hoped for some funny one liners and outlandish situations. It didn’t disappoint on that regard. It is a silly comedy about a silly guy. There isn’t a lot of heart in this movie, some weird situations that I worked mental overtime to connect to the narrative, but I laughed and walked out having enjoyed the time with Tarzan. Maybe I relate to Brick Tamland more than I’d like to admit because this movie often sounded like “loud noises.” However, this may be one of those Will Farrell movies that I don’t get until many conversations and some repeat watching later, and sometimes that’s the fun of it.  5 of 10 vines

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